We love helping people bring their vision to life over the course of a renovation. Sometimes however, we understand people need help on a smaller scale with the odds and ends of a project. With that in mind, we offer our concierge program. This is to ease the late night Pinterest roaming, the frantic texts to your friends asking if the chandelier you picked out is vintage-inspired or straight out of granny’s dining room, or even for the savvy aspiring decorators who need someone to bounce their ideas off of to make that room finally come together.

A few examples of what kind of work would fit this option: selection of fixtures or paint colors, suggestions for how to update a specific room, or sourcing furniture.


This is a virtual process so any information you have is helpful. Pictures, floorplans, inspiration pictures, and detailed information on what you are wanting help with is great.


This program is for projects that require 20 hours of work or less. We charge $150 for the first hour (the initial consultation call) and $75 per hour after that for subsequent design work

NOTE: We are only able to accept a limited number of clients at one time for our concierge service. To check our current availability please email us at


This is our bread and butter…getting to work with homeowners to build, renovate, re-do, undo, preserve, and make new. This includes all stages of a project from pre-construction planning to furnishing and putting the final flowers in the vase.  

Examples of this kind of project could be taking a worn down older home and renovating it to modern standards while preserving its charm, remodeling an existing kitchen, or selecting finishes and details for a new construction home.


An email with some background information on your project is a great start. Tell us a little bit about the project, what you are needing help with, location, timeline, etc. We can schedule a phone call to discuss the details and more about our full design service process. 


All full service projects are quoted individually. Once we have a chance to discuss the project with you we can provide a detailed proposal. For design inquiries and more information, please email us at

We currently take full service projects in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, south Louisiana, and Tensas/Concordia Parishes.