seamstress and maker
(Padova, Italy)

I love textiles…and I want all of them, from burlap to velveteen, from white to black and all the colors in between, and each one…can become a prima donna if you find the right place for it…” 


By trade Manuela restores frescoes and stone (fresco: a type of watercolor painting done on a wet plaster wall or ceiling…think Michaelangelo’s paintings in the Sistine Chapel). How very Italian of her! However, because of the wandering and unsteady nature of this type of work she has since turned to her passion for antique fabrics. Her favorites are hand-woven and hand-loomed European linens made of hemp and flax. 


Manuela relishes in the story each fabric holds. The unique stripe patterns, colors, and monograms would denote the particular farmer’s grains when brought to mill. She loves finding these tangible pieces of history and turning them into something new to enjoy.  

We are so excited to have gotten to collaborate with Manuela on a one-of-a-kind ware for the spring BROWN BOX. Although we can’t tell you what it is…we can tell you it is made of beautiful antique fabrics, is super functional, and will truly help you enjoy this time of year.