(McKinney, TX)
As we mentioned in our last post,  we went on a bit of an adventure to find the leatherworker who could make the item we wanted for our winter BROWN BOX. However, when we found Stephanie we knew we found the right person. She fell in love with the idea of bookbinding and leathermaking on a trip to San Francisco where after stopping at a street vendor she couldn’t get the simple but lovely leather products he was making out of her head.
“As I started to delve into the world of leatherworking…I couldn’t get enough! I made many of my own
tools, poured over books and internet resources, and created and created and created some more…Years of learning. Years of perfecting. And years of enjoying the process.”
We are so excited about the wares in our winter BROWN BOX, and even more excited that each one has a story and a maker behind it just like Stephanie. You will know where each item came from and that someone truly passionate and skilled at their craft made it for you.